Day Nursery Maesteg


Your child's learning and development is as important to us as it is to you which is why our curriculum is carefully planned around each child's individual stage of ability, and differentiated suitably. Developmental assessments assist us in certifying your child's strengths are recognised and built upon and any short comings monitored and carefully guided to ensure your child is progressively reaching their full potential. Planning of curriculum consists of the 8 areas as outlined within the Welsh Governments 'Foundation Phase' and recorded in their own individual 'Learning Journey'; a tracking document which is then given to your child's chosen main stream school teacher.

These areas are:

  • Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity
  • Language and Literacy
  • Welsh Language Development
  • Mathematical Development
  • Physical Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Creative Development
  • Information and Communication development

  • Reading Group

    In order for your child to develop a positive aptitude to learning, lesson plans are stimulating, imaginative, fun and enriching, as so is the pre-school classroom environment itself. Your child will benefit from the well resourced indoors and outdoor play/learning environments. Our four outdoor areas provide ample opportunities for first hand experiential learning and outdoor classroom. Our ideal location within the valley also lends itself to the children being able to experience, investigate and sample the wider natural world around them. The pre-school practitioners are extremely passionate and dedicated to making a difference to each child individually. The team is highly qualified and experienced in their field, with varied skills which, once brought together make a strong collective partnership. One team member is a fluent Welsh speaker, and an additional three members hold a foundation degree in Bilingualism in Early Years.

    We feel very strongly that the building of confidence and self esteem is the scaffold for any child's ability to approach and embrace learning, and in turn, progress development. This is why personal & social development and well being are the fundamental areas assessed on entering the Foundation Phase. The pre-school play environment consists of varied play stations which allow the child to independently make choices and decisions as to preferred areas of play. The environment encourages co-operative play and collaborative learning, independence and enriching opportunities. We fully believe that learning through their play is the work that children do.

    As mentioned, each child will have their own Learning Journey; this is a working document which allows us to monitor, assess and evaluate your child's development in preparation for main stream school transition. As a setting we feel it essential to ensure transition runs smoothly and so all learning journeys are very comprehensive, giving their school the best insight of the child before hand.

    Additional Learning Needs

    Regardless of any additional need presented, inclusion remains paramount. Equality is essential, with additional learning needs being met using differentiation within the curriculum planning, and in accordance with their individual requirements for support.

    The curriculum planning coordinator has a vast knowledge and experience in planning and executing curriculum for various needs in order to support the children in reaching their learning goals.

    Children Using ICT

    The nursery has successfully certified children having acceptance into main stream education regardless of their needs. The setting works in partnership with the Early Years Team and the chosen main stream school to follow a gradual transition programme where the one to one support worker assists the child in their forthcoming school class. This proved evident in being very successful indeed.

    The day care nursery has a well established relationships with the Access & Inclusion team in Bridgend who, upon referral can provide funding for the setting to employ additional team members for one to one support for children with Additional Learning Needs.

    All needs can and will be supported to ensure engagement, encouragement and equality of opportunity for learning.