Day Nursery Maesteg

Healthy Eating Policy

The children will have time together to share refreshments, as this is an important part of social life in the nursery. All meals and snacks are provided, and are nutritionally balanced. Large amounts of sugar, fat, salt, additives, preservatives and colourings are avoided. Medical and personal dietary requirements are respected. Menus are planned in advance and food offered is fresh, wholesome and balanced. A multi-cultural diet is offered to ensure that children from all backgrounds encounter familiar tastes and that all children have the opportunity to try unfamiliar foods. Dietary rules of religious groups and also of vegetarians/vegans are known and met in appropriate ways. The main meal of the day include a balance of protein, carbohydrate and essential fats, minerals and vitamins in raw foods, salads and fruit. Our menus have been assessed by a nutritionist and passed for including all essential nutrients required in the diet of babies and young children.

Milk provided is sourced from a local dairy and delivered daily to the setting for the children. Milk delivered is semi-skimmed and full fat, with the appropriate milk given depending on the age of the child. Formula milk is provided by the child's parent/carer and made up on the premises. This will be kept one calendar month only and unused formula returned to the parent/carer at the end of this period. All bottle feeds are prepared in a separate sterile area.