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Baby Room

Baby Room
6 Weeks - 18 Months

This large and spacious environment is appropriately divided into 2 play/care areas; 1 area for babies 0-12 months and 2nd area 12-18 months. Each area is wonderfully equipped to suit the needs of the growing and developing baby. The environment within our baby room is one of warmth, reassurance and sensitivity; ensuring a cherished and caring ambience. This room is enriching, colourful and stimulating which motivates busy minds and little hands. Our key worker system allows babies placed in our care to develop healthy emotional attachments, trusting, safe and secure relationships.

Care within this environment is consistent, with continuity of familiar practitioners specially suited to working with babies with the ability to carry out individual care routines. Within our baby room we have a comfy sofa area available for any parent wanting to attend Nursery to breast feed during their child’s session. Alternatively we have faculties to store breast milk should parents wish to send milk into nursery.

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Bethan - View Full Profile

Qualified in NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education. Bethan is based within our baby room and her calming and caring dispensation has a positive effect on all babies within her care.

Kasey - View Full Profile

Holds NVQ Level 2 in Childcare & Education / Studying Level 3. Kasey is a creative genius and loves arts and crafts producing the most wonderful displays to visually stimulate little minds.

Kirsty - View Full Profile

Holds BETEC National diploma in Childcare & Education. Kirsty is a very engaging young woman who demonstrates a great deal of patience and understanding to the individual needs of young children.

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Jody - View Full Profile

Jody holds NVQ Level 3 within Childcare & Education. Jody demonstrates the ability to constantly provide suitable play experiences for the children within her base room.

Karen - View Full Profile

Karen holds NVQ Level 5 in Childcare & Management, Level 3 in Supervising Food Safety in Catering along with NVQ Level 4 in bilingualism within Early Years Education.

Toddler Room

18 Months to 2 Years
Toddler Room

Activities provided are carefully selected to certify promotion of all developmental areas.

The environment encourages the young children to explore and experiment; providing opportunities to practice what they have learned.

Within this large room there is a separate area especially for allowing arts/crafts and manipulative activities to be taking place on a continuous basis.

This room also has an adjoining garden area, allowing the introduction of an 'outdoor classroom' concept where the children are able to begin to make their own choices and decisions as to the area they wish to play in according to their individual preference.

Pre-school Room

Pre-School Room
2 years to 3+ years
This play space is enriched with activities to promote the Developmental Stages in 'Birth to Three Matters' and the 'Foundation Phase'. The children are encouraged and supported to reach their full potentials and skills embraced. A variety of positive reward schemes are in place to ensure healthy development of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Adjoining this room is an exceptionally large outdoor play space which provides great potential for outdoor learning opportunities.

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Caroline - View Full Profile

Caroline holds NVQ Level 5 within Childcare & Management. NVQ Level 4 in Bilingualism within Early Years Education. Caroline has an excellent disposition with the children and a vibrant personality.

Rhiannon - View Full Profile

Qualified within BETEC National diploma in Childcare & Education. Rhiannon is a very motivated individual with the knowledge and understanding required to ensure developmental milestones and potentials are accomplished.

Welcome Area

The nursery has a welcoming arrival area where parents/carers are able to bring their children into the setting. This area allows parent/carers and their children to say their goodbyes and have enough kisses and cuddles to last until the end of their session!

A member of the team will always meet and greet every child and take the time to collect any information necessary to ensure a settled start to the day.

Our aim is to ensure the grown-ups can go about their day knowing their child is settled, contented and well looked after in a caring, safe and stimulating 'home from home' environment.

The Refectory

The refectory is a purpose built room housing a fully fitted kitchen behind a secure counter. This room allows the children to enjoy their healthy, balanced and nutritious meals in an environment which is separate from their play activities, thus avoiding distraction and allowing the children to learn the fundamental skills of independent feeding.

All children are carefully guided and encouraged to grasp the concept of socially acceptable table manners. This room is also utilised for cookery activities where the children can be active participants in the process of preparation of healthy food/snacks.

We believe that from a young age children should be encouraged to taste a wide range of foods from all cultures and societies. Through fun exciting activities children will be carefully guided into gaining a palate of exceptional variance.

Forestry Garden

Forestry Garden

A forestry garden with a purpose built wooden play structure of a stilted cottage with platform, slide and climbing wall. The children also utilise this area for planting trays that allow for sensory experiences and growing of seasonal produce and plants. The flooring of this area is one of soft natural bark with cut tree trunks for seating. When replenishing this area the bark is sought locally in order to support local businesses. This area really allows children to become at one with nature, whilst creating extensive opportunities for imaginary play, story time and musical appreciation. This garden is available for all age groups to access.

Pip & Pop

Nursery Rabbits

Within this garden area we hold the nursery pet rabbits. The rabbits are housed in a large hutch and the children are involved in the feeding and handling of them under the supervision of a competent team member. Caring for their nursery pets, 'Pip' & 'Pop' allows us to teach the children a valuable lesson of how to care for living things. Both rabbits are extremely tame and very well used to the children.

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Our 2nd outdoor play space is a large concreted area largely covered in rubber safety flooring.

This play space leans opportunity for a vast variety of outdoor physical play activities as well as outdoor classroom.

Outdoor Play Space - 2

Play Area 2

Outdoor Play Space - 3

Baby Play Area

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The 3rd outdoor play space is utilised by the baby unit children.

The flooring is mainly that of rubber safety flooring and is equipped with appropriately sized play apparatus.

All gardens invite nature where the children can learn about habitats and living things.

All play areas have a 6 foot fence surrounding them and a lockable gate on the inside to maximise safety for all children.

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The 4th outdoor play environment is a brand new development which comprises of a suitable play frame with swings for children aged 3 years and over. The area is also used for ongoing seasonal projects for all children to plant, nurture and grow fresh produce such as herbs and seasonal vegetables. Once grown the produce is picked and used in children's cookery lessons. The out of school club children also benefit from this play space which houses storage bins with suitable physical equipment such as bats, various sports balls, archery and sports equipment.

Outdoor Play Space - 4

Garden with Swings