Day Nursery Maesteg


Here are some feedback statements we have received from families and carers who have used our service:

Nicola (Auntie of 2 year old girl)

A lovely friendly nursery. On the occasions I have picked my niece up, the staff have been very friendly and very informative on how her day has been. I personally like the fact the nursery is on a quiet business centre giving it a very secure feel, plus the finger entry system ensures no unwanted people enter the nursery.

Angela (Grandmother)

All 3 of my grandchildren have attended this nursery and I would recommend anyone needing ChildCare within this area to visit Little Acorns. I recently attended my granddaughters graduation and the thought and detail the team had put into was exceptional. This nursery does not do this just for a job, you really can see the care and attention given is out of this world. Plus points for my daughter I know is the security aspect of the nursery, complex technology that allows team members finger prints to be scanned, keeping out unwanted people at all times. I love "Mr Acorn" as I know the people carrier is called as he takes the children on loads of lovely trips, making us as a family feel less guilty for going to work when I know Saffi is paddling in the sea, eating ice-cream or "bear hunting" in the forest. I could go on all day one word sums it up though outstanding.

Children Reading

Sacha (Mother)

My child has been going to this nursery for 2 years now and has loved every minute of her time here. She gets involved with lots of different activities, including trips around the local area, messy play and cookery activities. Every week she comes home with something she has made or telling stories of where she has been. She is involved in so many opportunities that I know I could not give her at home so sending her to Little Acorns was the best thing I could have done for her and I have no regrets at all. The nursery has so much space for the children to use and the security is amazing, I feel so comfortable leaving my child here and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone and everyone. Well done Little Acorns Team.

Gemma (Mother)

Since Lilia has joined Little Acorns Day Care Nursery, she has come on leaps and bounds. Her confidence is incredible, she can already write her name and count to twenty without any help. She absolutely adores all the fantastic staff. Lilia has been going to creche since she was 6 months old, best decision we made was for her to join Little Acorns. Emotional time for Lilia to be leaving as she has been here so long. Big thank you to everyone at Little Acorns. Highly recommended.

Claire (Mother)

Two of my children have used this nursery. All the staff have been amazing making them feel welcome and supportive with all their needs and developments. One of my children have needed one to one support within the nursery to forward them into mainstream school. I have been overwhelmed with the help and support received from the staff at the nursery, nothing has been too much trouble. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their time here and have learnt so much and have gained lots of their personality here. I can't thank everyone enough. I highly recommend the nursery and my other children will definitely be coming here too.

Baby Room

Rachel (Mother)

The nursery exceeds in everything they do. Their premises is immaculate, staff are highly trained, there's a strong management team which reflects in the delivery of care to the children. My daughter has been to nursery for well over 2 years, she is very happy there. They do so much educational work, from learning Welsh to outdoor learning in the forest, they go to the beach, they have food tasting weeks tasting foods from different countries. They had an Olympic sports day. They are so creative. My daughter had her graduation from here last week, she had a cap and gown and portfolio of all her work since being there together with a disc of photos of her. This nursery should be commended for what they do.

Claire (Mother)

My daughter has been attending Little Acorns since she was 7 months old. The staff can't do enough, they are so helpful and informative. I receive a detailed diary of her day from what she's done, who she's played with, what she's eaten. I believe the nursery have been instrumental in my daughter's development. She is a bright, happy, well adjusted girl and personally I believe a lot of that is down to the nursery.