Day Nursery Maesteg

Snack Menu


AM: Cucumber & carrots
PM: Granary bread with banana wedges


AM: Crumpets with margarine spread
PM: Ryvitas with cheddar slices


AM: Weetabix with blueberries & milk
PM: Mint & cucumber with crackers & chopped red peppers


AM: Tangerine & blackberries
PM: Tinned fruit in natural juice


AM: Grapes & raspberries
PM: Kiwi fruit & oranges

Lunch Menu - Week 2

We have a full time cook which allows time and consideration to be put into preparing fresh, home cooked 2 course meals 3 times per day. Fresh healthy snacks and drinks are also prepared twice daily. These are included within the fee price.

Day Lunch Tea
Monday Tuna & pasta bake. Lemon & orange zesty sponge. Homemade cheesy stars. Fresh fruit selection.
Tuesday Homemade vegetable soup with chunky bread. Homemade pineapple upside down cake. Crunchy crackers with mild cheddar cheese cubes. Crunchy cucumber & carrot batons.
Wednesday Mild & tasty chilli con carne served on a bed of fluffy white rice. Sugar free raspberry jelly. Homemade tuna tartlets. Fresh fruit selection.
Thursday Chicken alfermo pasta. Fromage frais. Vegetable rice pot’s. Fresh fruit selection.
Friday Homemade butter nut squash soup. Homemade rainbow cookies. Wholemeal chicken sandwiches. Fresh fruit selection.